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Today’s Date

Throughout the week at work, I make calls to our vendors to place orders. Generally I’m calling the same vendors, and talking to the same people at the sales desks. Every time, they ask me if I have a PO# I’d like to put in (purchase order number) and I almost always just say “today’s date is fine” because the number doesn’t really matter. It should go without saying that I mean something like 11/20/13.

But today, I received the invoice from an order last week and saw this:


They wrote “TODAY’S DATE” as my PO. Right.

Face Ratio? Is This Already a Thing?

So, this might be a well known thing that I never caught on to, but a little while ago I noticed that from the profile view, the bottom of everyone’s nose/nostrils matches their top lipline. So far, without fail, this is true.

Since then, I make a point to notice it on everyone, just to repeatedly confirm my theory. If it doesn’t match, I’m going to be convinced there was plastic surgery or “enhancements” of some sort.

Is this part of the Golden Ratio or something? I feel like I’ve made a very important discovery here. Watch out Da Vinci.